I was reminded that I could communicate with animals when our cat woke me one morning with the words;

"Excuse me Luca, I'm a little confused, I can't find my food, can you tell me where it is?"

I turned my head, and he was right next to my eat. I sat up and, thinking I must have been dreaming, told Ralf what I had heard, to which he replied;

"Yes I moved it yesterday, as he was helping himself!"

I could have dismissed it as a coincidental dream, but instead I decided to explore further

I actively listened and communicated in my own way with him over the next few days and it seemed to be working. I then met Ania at an event I attend, who asked me to communicate with her Dog, Charlie, who I had never met and knew nothing about...Wow I was stunned!

He showed me very specific things, including; 

  • A young spaniel, Little Charlie, who Ania confirmed was his play mate.
  • A stone house that terrified him. Ania confirmed that the morning of the comms she had taken Charlie to her workplace, a 500 year old stone house, and he refused to enter it. He pulled and trembled when she tried to take him in, then vomited, and insisted on sitting in the car.
  • A field with a pond that cows walked into to drink from. Ania confirmed this as the view from the bench they would sit on during one of their regular walks 

I then met Charlie in the flesh, a beautiful and gentle Staffordshire Terrier,  and he communicated several other experiences. Tragically Charlie became very ill and I communicated wth him again. This time I saw a white cloudy substance in his body system, a dark area in the top of his head, and failing eyesight. We were devastated when it was confirmed he had meningitis. He took me on his last communication journey, where we sat in a cafe, while he was hand fed cooked chicken. Unknown to me, Ania had hand fed him cooked chicken during the comms.

I am eternally grateful to Charlie for waking me up to my ability

I have since communicated with several animals, dogs, cats, horses, oh and some humans

I have no idea how it works, I just know that it does, which is confirmed by the humans who identify things I have been shown, heard, felt, smelled, and/or tasted

I do not diagnose, I just say what I 'see'. Sometimes it will make sense to you, others it may need a bit of working out, as I leave it to you to interpret.

Often animals will mention plants/remedies in the comms, which would make sense as I am an Animal Pharmacognosist. Even though this is not a Self Selection session, I am happy to briefly discuss these remedies, as to why your animal may be presenting them.   

I require that you give me no detail of your animal apart from a good quality full facial shot, and their name

Because this is a deep level practice, I have to guarantee that I'm in the right space for the highest good for the animal and myself, therefore I will not always be able to do the comms immediately, but will do it in a window of 2-4 days, though often sooner and will arrange this with you.  


Distance Animal communication - £45

Animal comms up to 60mins, live. I will be in contact with you at the same time as communicating with your animal. This can be via Text, Messenger, WhatsApp, Skype, FaceTime or Zoom - (I will record the session if Zoom).                              This is a session for your animal to communicate whatever they wish, and for you to ask them questions. Any remedies communicated by them throughout the comms will be noted and briefly discussed, and following the session I will provide a written list of these remedies with a description of what they are commonly selected for and how.N.B This is NOT a FULL BSH session


Payment must be in advance of the comms.

Please contact me with a photo, their name, and to arrange payment.

Many thanks and I look forward to communicating with the animals in your family, and assisting you to form a deeper bond with them