Food is a good place to start

Food is a good place to start

Iv heard it said many a time that if you care about animals, you wouldn’t eat them. I’ve been guilty of

Animals as Christmas Presents

Animals as Christmas Presents

I know some will be thinking it or doing it, but giving an animal to a human as a Christmas present is often not a good idea

1. There is a lot of excitement at Xmas that will be REALLY overwhelming for an animal that is with humans they don’t know, and in an environment they don’t know...

How would you feel if you were taken from your home, then put in a really hectic environment as your ‘settling in’ stage..?

2. Animals are not toys, they are sentient beings

3. The people receiving the animal must be fully aware of the commitment they are taking on, which when an animal is given as a present, can’t be guaranteed

4. Children get bored of ‘things’ quickly

5. Are you prepared to take on the ‘looking after’ of the animal as well..?

6. If the animal is a gift to yourself, are you 100% committed..?

7. Iv just seen a post about 2 dogs that were bought as handbag dogs... a fashion accessory... by the end of January the human was bored of them, and couldn’t cope with what it means to be the guardian of an animal

8. Are you aware of the full requirements of the animal..?

9. Dogs poo... a lot... and that needs picking up

10. Animals have their own personality.... theirs may not match yours

11. Animals take time to settle, may wee or poo outside of the area you have designated, and if hey are young, they will need your time and patience to help them to wee and poo in the right place

12. Animals, just like humans, get sick from time to time, and will need you to pay a professional to help them to be well....

13. Animals need quality food to keep them healthy.... not cheap biscuits or wet food.... guinea pigs, rabbits, hamsters etc need more than pellets... inappropriate foods will make them ill

14. Dogs need exercise, and need to be walked

15. Puppies must NOT be over walked, as their bones are still forming

16. Animal don’t enjoy being left in doors all day, with no humans around... this is cruel

17. Animals don’t enjoy being pulled around by children.

18. If an animal isn’t happy, they will warn in various ways. If their warning signs are ignored, they will strike out to defend themselves. This is not the Animals fault, it is the humans who has ignored the signs. Don’t blame the animal

19. If you want to give a human an animal as a gift, give them a card, saying you are wanting to do this after Xmas, and that you will take them to a rescue centre to pick one of the many Animals who are desperate for a loving forever home.

20. After Xmas the shelters will be full of unwanted animals.... so they’ll be plenty to pick from

21. Water Animals don’t like living in a tiny tank, and need the right equipment in their ‘home’ to maintain the right environment

22. A bird in a cage may look pretty... but they have wings for a reason. Do you have the space for them to fly..?

23. If you are looking at getting a more specialist animal, do you have the correct knowledge..?

24. If for a reason known to you, you aren’t getting a rescue, Have you seen the young with their parents..?

25. Do you know the age the animal you are looking at getting, is weaned from their parents?

26. Do you know the place that you are getting the animal from is reputable ? Illegal and sickening breeding is rife, and illegal wildlife trading is in the rise

You are responsible for the well being of the sentient being that you are rehoming to yourself or as a gift.

Take that responsibility very seriously as the rest of their lives depend on it...

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Our new website is here!

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