We were both fortunate to grow up in the countryside, surrounded by nature, wildlife, farm animals and domesticated animals. We spent most of our days outside, on our bikes, in the woods, making camps, fires, watching and hearing nature, going home at dusk or when we were hungry!

Animals have always been part of our lives, We are passionate about their care and welfare and see each one as an individual that should be treated with the greatest respect.  

We have a background in Massage, Education and Holistic Health. Both trained teachers, Ralf is also a personal trainer, and I am an Animal Pharmacognosist aka applied zoopharmacognosist trained by Caroline Ingraham IAZ

I used to be so active, yet it got so bad I had to give up work. Blood and cardio tests followed.... 

Initially I was diagnosed with a thyroid condition and pernicious anaemia - B12 deficiency. Eventually that diagnosis turned into Hashimotos, an autoimmune condition, whereby its believed the immune system attacks the body tissues...the thyroid and B12 are just symptoms. 

Then a funny thing happened...through research, I started to notice that Ralf was having similar symptoms to me. They weren't the same. I was exhausted and overwhelmed, and had no focus, but we realised he was running on adrenaline, and was actually very fatigued, and was struggling with focus and overwhelment....we had the same condition!!  

We could have just taken pharmaceutical meds, and accepted the idea that 'this condition was incurable' and therefore we would have to just get used to it as now part of our lives....

Fortunately thats not our approach, and we are very aware of the body's innate ability to rebalance & heal itself, if it receives the right nurturing support. So we turned to what we know... 


These are just a few of the powerful remedies we have and do use. 


We have always used a holistic approach to our health, in fact our lives, which has served us well, however getting to this point has been an interesting journey...

Several years ago I started to notice that my fitness levels weren't as they should be. I was going to the gym 3 times a week, and running twice a week, but I wasn't losing weight... I was gaining. I seemed to be retaining water, my energy and concentration levels were dropping, I had a foggy brain, and I had to sleep an extra 4 hours during the day...oh and I had heart palpitations... odd...




Medicinal remedies have played a major role in healing our bodies, and bringing us through the state of dis-ease, as they have enabled our systems to help themselves, by addressing their needs rather than making them work harder 

Ashwagandha was great for supporting our adrenals, clearing our foggy brains and reducing anxiety. Slippery Elm and Marshmallow Root were amazing for their anti inflammatory effects, and soothing our gut. Rosehips are packed with vitamin C and iron and supported our immune systems by aiding in nutrient absorption. Barley grass, packed with nutrients, especially Magnesium, ideal for its anti anxiety properties. Coconut oil an amazing remedy with anti inflammatory, antibacterial, anti fungal, and thyroid supporting properties..our gut was happy. Nettles kept our iron levels up and supported our blood, liver and kidneys. Essential oils..powerful remedies. Valerian Root helped keep anxiety levels low, as it effects the exitatory neurons in the brain. Lemon helped to bring about focus. Lime freshened our mind and lifted our spirits, and complimented Peppermint oil very well, which also assisted digestion. German Chamomile and Yarrow... amazing anti inflammatory properties, supporting kidneys, and emotions. Raw Organic Honey & Hive Products, incredibly nourishing for the whole system, and most recently, organic black seed oil - Nigella Sativa, an amazing anti inflammatory, anti parasitic, and whole system supporter

It has taken for us to truly listen to our bodies, to hear them, and to look at the bigger picture....the root cause....and to heal it

This condition has proved life changing....for the better