Animal Pharmacognosy is a practice that harnesses an animal's natural ability to self medicate, by providing the remedies they require to do this. 


An animal’s evolutionary process requires that they can independently survive, by being able to support their immune system, cope with stress and resolve injury, by detecting medicinal compound remedies through foraging. 


In today's world, not all animals are able to access these remedies due to their living circumstances, so they may not be readily on offer, that's where an Animal Pharmacognosist comes in. They provide this opportunity, and follow the lead that the animal creates.  


This is Self Selection, so Nothing is imposed. 

The animal decides what it wants to inhale, ingest or have topically applied, and guides the Practitioner

Patience, stillness, communication. If we rush, we will miss something

The remedies I work with include herbs, spices, plants, plant extracts, essential oils, fixed oils, clays, macerates, grasses, hive products, algaes, and sea plants, and act on physical, emotional and behavioural conditions, to prevent and resolve the state of physical or behavioural dis-ease.

Your pet insurance scheme may include covering the payment for complementary treatments, so please check your policy

Cat £60 per session                                                                                                                                              

This includes all remedies consumed/applied                                                                                                 during the session


Dog £80 per session

This includes all remedies consumed/applied during the session

Horse/Donkey £90 per session

This includes all remedies consumed/applied during the session up to £20

The sessions can last from 2 - 3 hrs. 

I am based in Brighton, though I am happy to travel

Travel is free within a 5 mile radius. 35p per mile outside of that

Cost of remedies selected for ingestion or application will depend on the remedy. 

You will be kept informed throughout the session