Luca is a very talented and exceptional animal communicator.
Her conversations with Milly have blown me away. To have a conversation with my dearest friend and know so much detail is utterly marvellous. Thank you for bringing us to a greater understanding and closeness.
I attended Luca’s Botanical Self-Selection Workshop today. It was informative, intutive and animal-led. A wonderful day listening to our animals, observing their signs and respecting their choices for what they need, and what they don’t need. Luca’s knowledge and expertise are evident, but more so her care and love for animals shine through. Luca has provided me with much needed advice too for my cat when he was seriously ill and I can say I absolutely trust her to guide me with helping my animals. Highly recomended if you are seeking a Botanical Self-Selection practitioner for your animals.
Luca and Ralf have an expertise and empathy with animals that really shines through, providing not just care and attention to my dog Bertie but a 2nd home that he feels happy and comfortable being in. He clearly adores both Luca and Ralf, they definitely love him back and bring out the best in his personality, testament to Luca and Ralf’s innate ability to recognise what each individual dog’s needs are. He always returns to me energised, and I know he enjoys a varied and stimulating day of experiences from running and jumping together, play time with other dogs and new places to explore. I feel very confident leaving Bertie with Luca and Ralf not only because I know he will enjoy his time and be safe but also because of their animal behaviour knowledge and Luca’s expertise in Zoopharmacognosy. Bertie went through a phase where he lacked confidence around other dogs and I believe their influence and treatment techniques have helped him work through these problems, he now wants to interact with other dogs and no longer gets phased by the Post man’s trolley! I highly recommend Luca and Ralf as your pet’s carers, they are vibrant, trustworthy and a genuine people who truly care for all animals
Thank you so much for coming over yesterday.
It was lovely to see you and Ralf and to observe your lovely care of Pablo (and Meg) yesterday. It was fascinating to watch you connect with him and to see him select what he needs.

He very calmly accepted the liquid to be applied by Alan last night and Meg chose to have the mix of powders too. As promised I’ll pm you with full info and updates but in the meantime- thank you! We’re so happy to have found a natural remedy that the cats actually want to receive for Pablo’s mites and to replace frontline for both cats and look forward to seeing the results! - Natasha, Pablo & Meg - Cats with Harvest Mites and Fleas
Luca worked with both our dogs who have very diverse issues. She paid attention to what we said, but more importantly she listened to the dogs. They had a lovely time investigating the oils and herbs!
As the owners of two lively young collies, and as we have busy lives, running a business, having a reliable, trustworthy and caring pet service is very important to us.

Luca & Ralf are clearly confident and capable with all animals but, just as important for us, maybe even more so, they genuinely care for them and are patient and kind. Both our dogs love them and that speaks volumes.
Luca, has recently given me advice on healing my dogs diarrhoea. He had an severe bout after eating something nasty on a walk, and within a very short time of following Luca’s advice he was improving. The following day he was almost completely better. I can’t recommend her highly enough. The guidance was great and he took what he needed to heal and recovered very quickly from there in. It was incredible.
Luca is fantastic, I reached out to ask a question that had been bugging me for a while and ended up getting a ‘reading’ that was so insightful, interesting and spot on. I would highly recommend, thank you Luca
Thank you Luca, for your gentle approach with my boys. They loved you! And they loved their session. They were zonked out for the rest of the evening. Today they have had a really chilled walk with me, sitting in Shaftesbury Abbey Gardens, quietly waiting while I ate lunch ( well maybe a little bit of sharing!) and now they are quiet and zonked again. A brilliant session yesterday, thank you. I so appreciate the time you took and the distance you travelled. Will see you again soon and licks from Archie and Jock!
Luca - you have a very special way about you. You treated my dogs with care and regard. You will be no doubt be pleased to hear that Archie is much less irritated by his skin and although Jock is still chewing his feet he is much settled in himself. Both boys have been unsettled and they are now calmer and more together again. Thank you! Highly Recommend